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The “Down Under” Heater

Temp gauge shows 100-250 deg Fahrenheit
Industrial pressure gauge 0 – 30 Lbs

A DLX engine heater designed for use in Australia and New Zealand. A bit more expensive due to the fact we import some components from Australia to insure you won’t have a problem when using it at the track. (But still about $500 cheaper than the next priced heater). It too can be plugged into any outlet in your shop and most components are the same as the popular heater available for USA use.


Accepts local extension cords in Australia & New Zealand

push button start
1/2 HP pump
240 volt – 50 Hz
2,500 watt heater element

Panel mount adjustable thermostat

New Zealand distributor
Tim Clark
Clark Performance…NZ

Australian distributor
Mark Cooper
American Racing Tires.AU


New Zealand distributor

BSL Racing