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Heat your oil as you heat your engine with an oil tank built by Saldana Racing Products modified to accept hot water lines to a coil inside the tank fed by your engine heater (no matter what engine heater you use). Any dry sump oil tank can be manufactured with the heater modification. It simply works with the same hot water heating your engine and only looses about 10 degrees as it travels to the oil tank. So when your engine is 190, your oil will be 180 degrees. Adds $50.00 to the cost of a new oil tank, plus the cost of the hoses and fittings. (Stays hooked up to car – no other power source needed).

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Heater in Action

6×20″ 1 pc midget tank

Preheated engine, radiator, and oil with The Engine Heater

Hooks up with AN-6 fittings and hose by
adapters available at your local speed shop. Fittings at tank are 1/4″ to restrict hot water flow and allow the majority of the hot water to flow to your engine ….
Simple but effective.

2 piece 24″ sprint car tank and a 2 pc 20″ midget tank
(with heater modification)



Bowl 25th anniversary car.