Radiators with built-in check valves
(manufactured by Saldana Racing Products)

as in the lower radiator hose valve) built right in to your radiator.

Cut off your radiator outlet and weld on this valve and the return for the heater can go anywhere in the radiator (weld bungs included in kit).

Don’t know a good Alum welder? Send your radiator to us and we’ll get it done.

Or you can order a brand new radiator custom made for your car with the valve already installed made by Saldana Racing Products.

Weld on valve kits come in 1 1/2″ for midgets & sprints and 1 3/4″ for late models and with either 3/8″ fittings for “The Engine Heater” or 1/2″ fittings for other engine heaters

Weld-on kit shown here on a 20×20 used sprint car radiator with Alum quick disconnect nipples and dust caps. This makes for easy access to the valve from the right side of the car, eliminating the need for a remote bracket.

by Saldana Racing

Shown here on a 12×17 Spike midget
radiator with 3/8″ fittings and “The
Engine Heater” Alum quick disconnects and dust caps