L 20″ x D 14″ x H 12.5″
Weight…. 35 lbs.

Pump…. Cast iron 1/2 HP
(brass impeller)
Heater… 2,000 watt
(1500 watt optional)
Thermostat control 85-195
Temp gauge… 100-250

Pressure gauge… 0-30 lbs.
Hoses… 1/2 in. ID x 7′
(red & black)
Quick Disconnects…. Brass
(Aluminum nipples optional)
Box is a Step Stool / Tool Box
(rated @ 325 lbs.)

Separate illuminated pushbutton switch for pump and thermostat so you can circulate water to cool down a hot engine and find those air pockets after filling radiator in the shop (without running engine)
Adjustable thermostat so you can set desired temperature and not worry about boiling the water in your cooling system.

Handy extension cord plug-in takes normal 110 outdoor cord (brass quick disconnects)

Easy to move around. You can stack things on top of it in the trailer – doesn’t take up a lot of space
Considered by some to be the best engine heater on the market.
(Regardless of price)

110v outlet allows use of an oil heater, trouble light, or tire grooving iron